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Happy PassoverPASSOVER March 27-April 4...a commemoration of the death Angel passing over our ancestors homes, because the blood was on their doorposts. Passover...praying, repeating SHEMA, reading the story...over roasted lamb (The lamb of God), unleavened bread (removal of sin), bitter herbs (remembering the bitterness of Egypt, never returning) and unfermented wine (NEW WINE, Transformation).

Jesus celebrated PASSOVER! The Bible says we must share the story with our children’s children, and remember it forever. Ex. 22.

Afterwards, they were freed from Egyptian bondage. It is indeed a very sacred biblical season. ABIB (SPRING) is the real new year. The Gregorian calendar is a perversion of the sacred Hebrew Calendar. God never made a new year in the middle of winter, He made it when things are blossoming and becoming green, new life. With that said we were brought up in perverted mistruths. Don’t continue to be conformed to this world, be transformed by RENEWING YOUR MINDS BELOVED. I share this in obedience. So exciting are these truths that Daniels open scrolls have introduced to us. Yah has such great things in store for us. HALLELUYAH. Blessings.


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