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Enith The Seer!

SEERS, TRUE PROPHETSAlso those who are interested in the supernatural things of Yah. Because Yah is pouring out his spirit...

Purchase my book “Record of Enith the Seer” by clicking the PayPal link In The book I share the supernatural foresight, revelation, Angel encounters, even warnings downloaded by Ruach haKodesh (Holy Spirit) from 2012-2015. This book is for meat eaters who aren’t intimidated or afraid of the supernatural! It’s full of dream interpretations. In fact the cover is my very first encounter with an Angel who ascended down white stairs in a vision. Remember to document your dreams, they are glimpses into the spirit realm. It was published in obedience, to mature the BOC, and expand the Kingdom of Yahuah (God of Moses).HALLELUYAH


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