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Skin Regimen!

QUEENS CORNERPeople often ask me what I do to keep my skin, youthful and healthy. I believe less stress helps keep skin healthy in addition to the below. Most days I don’t wear skin makeup, just lashes, filled in brows/eyeliner and lipgloss(stick), because my skin is hard to match, so I prefer my own skin tone. Below is my regimen:

1. DRINK: plenty water, regular exercise, eat healthy, REST. No excessive alcohol drinking.

2. ALOE: Buy a leaf (it’s approx. $1.50 at your local market.) Refrigerate. I cut the sharp ends off then cut down the middle, then I apply the juice all over my face. Let it dry, you will feel tightness, then rinse with warm water, although if you can stand it, cold is better to close pores. Aloe is high in Vitamins A, C, E, B12 and folic acid. Rubbing cold aloe on your face is so refreshing. Aloe is a great toner, tightens pores and gives your skin a stunning glow. I use aloe in a spray bottle for my hair on wash day as a prepoo/detangler and I spray it all over(as overall skin toner) before I jump in the whirlpool once a week), then rinse, pat dry. Aloe doesn’t smell the greatest but for hundreds of years it’s found to be the best natural remedy for so many skin conditions. Some people can drink it, but not I lol. (I’ll do a tutorial soon) I try to get hubby to use it more for his eczema.

3. PURE AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER: or Palmers Cocoa butter to moisturize. (I prefer Shea butter during winter months, it’s heavier, but everyone’s skin is different). I also apply one or the other all over my face before bed. I use these all over after showing as well. I also apply Vit E or mineral oil on my face and body before bed at least once a week.

4. ALBOLINE: For make up removal. It’s a mineral oil based moisturizer. I remove the makeup with cotton balls, may or may not rinse. Alboline is a great overnight moisturizer as well. It’s pricy $13.00 or more a jar, but this jar will last approx 6-9 months.

5. For aromatherapy and bathing use a couple drops in the tub, and/or burn my favorite essential oils. My favs are rose, lavender, peppermint or frankincense oils. Good Essential oils are pricy, but you may be able to find less expensive ones in dollar stores, beauty supply stores although they may not be pure.

SIMPLEThis routine will have you glowing like you’ve been to the Mount of Transfiguration. Just kidding my King, Yahuah lol

Beloved, You don’t have to pay a whole bunch of money for skincare.

Kingdom ISNT A RELIGION it’s is a Lyfestyle. Back to my Roots Unapologetic Daughter of the King


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